What is KWIM?

Auto translate chat application

KWIM Language Translation in Messages

You will be able to get translated message into your chat as you selected language. Keep in touch with a group of people like family, friends, coworkers. You can share messages, photos, and videos.

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Features of KWIM?

Some Awesome Features of KWIM

  • chat


    Simple, Reliable Messaging
  • chat


    Voice & Video Calls
  • chat


    Language Transalate Chat
  • group


    Groups to keep in touch
  • File Sharing


    Photos, Videos & Documents
  • fingerprint


    Security By Default

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KWIM is an auto-translate messaging application. You can receive the messages in your selected language, Whatever sender user have language. So, there is no barrier to language. Communicate with world in your language.

KWIM has more features like Simple messaging, Group Chat, Voice and Video Calls, Share Photos and Videos, Documents, and Voice Message.